What is Tantra ?

The word "Tantra", from Sanskrit, can take a wide range of meanings: in fact it is so much the texture of the fabric, since the spole of the frame, but it is also a doctrine or mystical magic, a scientific text and the performance of a ceremony.


This is a polysemantic term, which is therefore impossible to translate into English and whose nuances of meaning are difficult to fully grasp. Trying to define this term is therefore arduous, but necessary to avoid dangerous misunderstandings, it derives from the root TAN "expansion" and TRA, "liberation" the term "TANTRA" therefore indicates a set of doctrines and millenary practices aimed at expanding the ordinary state of consciousness in the various sectors of life.

Tantra in the West
In recent years some scholars, including psychologists and German researchers have discovered the therapeutic value of the practice of Tantra and liberating sexological research. Combining elements of Western psychiatry and Tantra have waxed a discipline that, thanks to special physical exercises, meditation and dynamic fantasy-driven increases the degree of sexual satisfaction, self-awareness of the ability to relate to others aware.


Shaki and Shiva
Tantrism that the ultimate truth lies in total penetration of the male energy (Shiva) the female (Shakti). Shiva, the God male, is represented symbolically by a lingam, an erect phallus that is played everywhere in stone, marble, metal and ice (such as female oval or circular. It is not uncommon to find in the various temples these two symbols together and penetrated as image of the divine. Shiva and Shaki and are archetypes of consciousness and cosmic energy.


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