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Tantra classic massage


1 hCHF 250.-
75 min.CHF 290.-
1.5 hCHF 340.-
2 hCHF 450.-


Conduct of Tantric massage

When you massage your partner it should avoid doing so in an asymmetrical (yourself for example, only a massage hand and one foot etc..) to avoid creating unbalanced energy.  Remember to always back massage from the inside outwards, following the natural and relaxing tracks decompression. A well-executed massage is not only a great anti-stress but also helps to increase mutual understanding with partners and make a connection even deeper and more intimate.

The tantra massage is to stimulate and to circulate the sexual energy to give the body deep relaxation and intense. Treatment holistic whole body also includes areas erogenous, the massage is not intended to sexual performance, but a total abandonment daily problems, the chakra release and beneficial combination of sensations unexpected.

Tantric Touch wants to be a tool, with others, helping in the great process of development of knowledge that is the true and one main aim of Tantra. For this reason,agreement with the whole orientation experience Tantric massage is both sensual and meditation, designed to awaken the conscience the body and at the same time to go further and reconnect with the deeper layers. Where are the traces of the unconscious most radical of our conditioning.

Kuranesh Tantra

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Kuranesh Tantra Fiona è uno Studio di massaggio Tantra Lucerna, Lugano, Vacallo, St.Gallo, Zurigo, Coira, Svitto e Zugo. Nello Studio di massaggi Kuranesh Tantra Fiona potrete ricevere massaggi Tantra, massaggio Lingam per uomo. Lo studio massaggi Kuranesh Tantra Fiona si propone come spazio accogliente e curato dove trovare benessere e relax con grande professionalità.