The spirit of Tantra

Welcome to Kuranesh Tantra in Lucerne

The word "Tantra", from Sanskrit, can take a wide range of meanings: in fact it is so much the texture of the fabric, since the spole of the frame, but it is also a doctrine or mystical magic, a scientific text and the performance of a ceremony.


Who I am: Fiona

My name is Fiona (stage name). Are born in Lucerne in central Switzerland but my precise origins are Italian Adriatic / Venice.

Kuranesh Tantra

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Kuranesh Tantra Fiona è uno Studio di massaggio Tantra Lucerna, Lugano, St.Gallo, Zurigo, Coira, Svitto e Zugo. Nello Studio di massaggi Kuranesh Tantra Fiona potrete ricevere massaggi Tantra, massaggio Lingam per uomo. Lo studio massaggi Kuranesh Tantra Fiona si propone come spazio accogliente e curato dove trovare benessere e relax con grande professionalità.